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Curse of the sands on zee world, Wednesday 14th July 2021

Curse of the sands Wednesday  13 July 2021 update: Kali/Siya follows DK when Rana holds her and pulls her aside, then apologizes and says he did not want to drag her like this. Kali sees him shivering and asks if Manmohini did something. He requests her to get back his alcohol. Kali says he promised not to touch liquor till he finds sketch girl. He asks her to search girl soon then, he cannot stay away from alcohol. Kaali sees DK walking far away and thinks she needs to help Ram/Rana now than following DK. She takes Rana to his room and tries to calm him down while he fights alcohol withdrawal symptoms. He falls asleep. She thinks how to tell that she is the girl he is searching for and hopes he accepts her with her true identity. She hears someone comingt and hides. Mohini walks in with Maya and Madira and says she needs ret ke raja’s help to control Rana.

Mohini leaves for desert to meet ret ke raja. Mohini thinks she should find out what his ret ke raja issue is, but will first find out where DK is. She uses GPS to track DK. Mohini reaches desert and dances on Rakta Charitra…song to call Ret ke raja. Ret ke raja emerges and says she forgot him after her goal is met, now he cannot make her back as human. Mohini pleads to forgive her and help her achieving her intention. Ret ke raja says she cannot become human, but if she kills Rana, he can rebirth with new identity and then she can get Rana. Mohini agrees and returns home laughing and thinking she will kill Rana and get him forever.

Mohini tracks DK’s location to burial ground and walks towards her, but finds a dummy instead. DK kicks her into coffin and says she planned to trap her and now she will expose her true identity to Mohini. Mohini in her room sees her skin bleeding and realizes kali is in trouble. She shouts kali. Rana wakes up hearing kali’s name and walking to her asks if kali is fine. Mohini says yes and thinks she should find out where Kali is. DK closes kali’s coffin while she pleads not to. She thinks now Mohini has to listen to her. DK pushes Siya/Kali in a coffin and closes it. Kali shouts for help. Vanraj realizes Siya is in trouble and tries to leave. Raj Jyotishji stops him. Vanraj says Siya needs his help. Raj Jyotishji says Siya needs her husband’s help who is around her. He confronts that Jhumri would have seen Siya’s name on his hand and created problem for Siya, she is fooling him to know who he loves now. Vanraj insists to go. Raj Jyotishji asks him to kill him first and then walk on his dead body.

Mohini hiding her face tries to leave palace searching Kali when Rana walks out searching Kali and thinking her as Kali asks where is she going. Mohini via black magic drops vase. Rana turns, Mohini escapes. Maya and Madira misguide Rana. Rana asks where did Mohini go. They say she went out. Rana gets withdrawal symptoms and tries hard to control himself. He calls Kali and realizes Kali and Mohini are both missing and since Kali and Mohini’s bodies are linked to each other, Kali must be in trouble. He rushes to jungle searching Kali.

Siya in coffin calls Ram for help and reminisces time spent with Ram. Ram reaches there and his memory returns, he reminisces time spent with Siya and senses she must be somewhere around. In palace, Mohini turns into old chudail and finds out both DK and Kali missing, so DK must have killed Kali. She panics. Maya and Madira return and inform they could not find kali anywhere.

Ram reaches near Siya’s coffin and opens it. He sees Siya there and trying to revive her collapses. Siya gets back one more life after losing her hand thread’s knot. Mohini’s youth returns and her team informs her that her skin is back to normal now. Mohini realizes Kali is fine now. Siya wakes up and sees Ram collapsed next to her. She tries to revive him and shouts for help, then sees DK trying to burn Dayimaa’s body and thinks she will not let her burn Dayimaa’s body so easily.



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