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Curse of the sands on zee world, Tuesday 17th August 2021

Curse of the sands Tuesday 17 August update:  Mohini points gun at Siya. Mann pleads with her to spare his rasgulla, else his sister won’t be born. Mohini says sautan also stood in que seeing her and Rana’s child, now she will kill satan’s child and will take revenge on her. Mann pushes the gun and Mohini down. Siya picks the gun. Mohini tries to hit Mann, but Siya protects him and delivers heavy dialogues regarding motherhood, and gives her a tight slap. Mann feels the pain. Mohini says she should realize that truth. Siya’s attention diverts towards Mann when Mohini escapes.



Ram with Guruji and Sumri drives a car searching Mohini’s den. Guruji says they need to save Mansi, Mann, and Siya before Mohini harms them. Mansi’s mother pleads with Ram to save her daughter as she brought her alone here without informing her husband and MIL.

 Siya sees the bomb ticking on Mansi’s body, and Mann shakes her to wake up in vain. Siya says Mohini tricked them and escaped. Mohini returns saying Siya didn’t realize it was a fake gun and the real bomb is on Mansi’s body. She chains Siya and ties her hands and orders Mann to suck Mansi’s blood if he wants to save Siya and prove he is Chugai’s son. Siya pleads to Mann not to do that. Mann is about to suck Mansi’s blood when he reminisces Siya teaching him good morals and suggesting to chant the Asatoma Jyotirgayama mantra whenever he is in a dilemma. He stops and starts chanting mantras. Mohini gets tensed and asks what is he doing. Siya says Mann is a Rajput son and will never break his promise.


Ret pisach captivates Jhumri, Sumri, and Maya. Ram pleads with him to spare innocents and fight with him. Inside haveli, Guruji performs pooja while Mohini with her hands tied to pillars warns Guruji to let her go, else he will repent. Guruji doesn’t She frees herself and walks away. Ret pisach attacks Rana. Mohini angrily walks towards Ret pisach holding the sword, and he forces the sword on her throat when Ram holds a sword with his bare hand and throws it away. Siya gets worried seeing Ram’s injured hand and provokes Ret pisach. Ret pisach drops Sumri, Jhumri, and Maya and warns he will kill Ram and Siya and will perform Behramgarh’s Abhishek with their blood. Mohini emerges and is about to stab Siya with a sword when Sumri comes in between and bears the sword on his stomach and passes away saying his journey was only till here. Guruji senses it seeing a storm emerging in the haveli.

 Mohini says she will kill Ram and Siya, but before that she will end Mann who insulted mother and son’s relationship and supported her enemy. Ram warns to dare not touch Mann. Ret pisach ties him with desert storm and walks towards Mann. Siya warns him to dare not to, but he throws her far away. Ram provokes Siya that she is Rajput and can kill Ret pisach. Ret pisach lifts Mann holding his throat. Mann warns that God will help him. Ret pisach laughs that even god cannot harm him.

Guruji continues performing mantra and does idol’s milk abishek. He walks to Ret pisach and throws abhishek milk on Ret pisach. Ret pisach gets disintegrated. Siya then slaps Mohini repeatedly reminding all her sins from betraying and killing her to making Ram evil Rana, etc.., til now. Ram asks Siya to kill Mohini and end the issue at once. Mohini pushes Siya and stabs Guruji. Ret pisach gets freed and shouts Ram is the reason for all these issues and he will end Ram itself. Mohini says he is right and should end Ram.


Curse of the Sands Zee world

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