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Curse of the sands on zee world, Monday 19th July 2021

Curse of the sands Monday 19 July 2021 update: Siya/Kali and Dayimaa torture DK’s head and ask where is chudail granth/book. DK says it is behind Mohini’s shadow in her room. Kali says Mohini’s room is very big and asks to tell exact location. DK says she does not know and as per ghaghrapaltan team’s rule, she cannot reveal anything more. Dayimaa says DK is right, she does not know anything and ghaghrapaltan team should be loyal to their boss chudail, else they will be burnt alive. They both walk towards Mohini’s room. Moha sees them going out and asks DK, confusing her as dayimma, why did Kali and DK come here. DK reveals she is DK and those who went out where Siya and Dayimaa. Moha laughs and asks not to lie. DK gives her clues which only DK and ghaghrapaltan team knows and says she is real DK and explains what

Dayimaa and Siya are up to.
Jhrumi insists Bindu to tell truth about Vanraj’s curse. Bindu reveals that Danavs/animal monster took away Vanraj in chilhood when Raj jyotishji and Dayimaa fought with Danavs and got back Vanraj, but danav’s curse infused tiger soul into Vanraj which grew big as Vanraj grew.

Siya and Dayimaa search granth in Mohini’s room. Siya gets tired and says there is no book here. Dayimaa says chudails never lie. Siya sees mirror and realizes granth is behind mirror, so DK’s right it is behind Mohini’s shadow. They find granth behind mirror, Dayimaa asks her to read it as only royal family member can read it. Siya reads that Mohini wants to make Rana an evil by feeding her blood to him. Moha enters and says she knows they are Dayimaa and Siya and she will inform their truth to Mohini. She runs. Dayimaa runs behind her and catches her and asks Siya to go and stop Mohini.

Mohini enters Rana’s room holding blood and seeing him sleeping extends her hand to feed him blood thinking they will unite finally after he becomes evil. Siya rushes to stop her, but bbefore that Moha frees herself and runs towards Mohini to inform her their truth when she slips on bangle and falls on Mohini who spills blood on Rana’s face. Mohini angrily shouts she spoilt her pooja and burns Moha before hearing her. Rana wakes up and seeing blood on his face shouts at Mohini that only a chudail like her can throw blood on his face. Ram sees Mohini splashing blood on his face and shouts only a chudail can do this. He sees Moha dead and asks why did she kill her trusted ghagra paltan team memberr. Mohini says whatever she did is for her goodness. He warns her to get out of his room. She walks out helplessly.

Bindu cries holding Vanraj’s photo cries that her son has turned beast and she is worried for his life. Jhumri says with Vanraj’s immense power, he can get whatever he wants and they will use Vanraj for their benefit. Raj Jyotishji slaps her and says he knew Jumri will try to harm Vanraj, so he has informed her relatives and she will not stay here for a minute. He pushes out of house and locks door. Jhumri fumes that Vanraj’s papa always tries to fail her plan.

Maya and Madira catch Dayimaa

and taking her to a room asks why did Mohini kill Moha. She provokes them against Mohini says even their lives are in danger and Mohini can kill them anytime, so they need to be careful. They believe her. She thinks she turned Mohini’s trusted aides against her.
Mohini standing in living room calls Rana loudly. Rana walks to her and pushing her neck warns to dare not shout at him. She pushes him back and warns him that he is nothing in front of her and not even fit to be her shoes, but she gave him respect and tolerated his nonsense as she loves him, if he does not mind his tongue and stop his nonsense, she will destroy him in seconds. She hugs him and expressing her love for him warns to just love her and not verbally abuse her. Ram shatters. Maya and Madira laugh. Siya takes oath not let Ram’s self-respect ruined by Mohini and she will take revenge from Mohini.

Rana returns to his room and fumes that he had a good family, but now he is stuck between chudails now. He picks alcohol glass and takes it near his mouth, but throws it away angrily. He then falls down, but Siya/Kali rushes in and keeps her hand on floor protecting him and injuring her hand. Rana asks why she risks her life to protect him. He makes her sit, nurses his injury, and hugs her emotionally. Vanraj watches that from window and burns in jealousy. Kali asks Rana if he has problem with this place, then why don’t he leave this place. Rana says he has taken oath to protect Mohini till his last breath, Mohini is a goden cage and he is trapped in it forever. Kali decides to free him from Mohini’s grip soon and tells she will go now and if someone sees her here, she will be in trouble. Rana holds her hand and requests to stay with him tonight. She asks why. He says he will not get sleep alone and may return back to alcoholism. She says she will not let him do that.



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