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Curse of the sands on zee world, Monday 16th August 2021

Curse of the sands Monday 16 August update:  Guruji informs Ram and Siya that Mann’s evil is out, but when Mann bit Mansi earlier, some of her evil powers were transferred into Mansi and she may be unable to handle evil powers, so he should go there and help Mansi. Mann gives him tulsi leaves to feed to Mansi. Ram asks Guruji to take his car. Guruji with Sumri drives the car away. Siya feels dizzy and holds Ram. Ram says he will call the doctor. Siya says it’s okay as she is overstressed. Mohini travels in Guruji’s car and reminisces telling Ret Pesach that he cannot help her reach Mansi, so she will trick Guruji and Sumri to take him there. Once they reach Mansi’s house, Mohini locks car doors and spreads toxic fumes. She gets out of the car and thanks to Guruji for bringing her here and she is Mohini.


Siya feels uneasy and falls unconscious on the sofa. Mann notices her and informs Ram. Ram calls the doctor who checks Siya and with serious looks asks Ram to call all family members. Ram says only 4 of us live in this house. The doctor says its a good news, Siya is pregnant. Ram, Mann, and Jhumri rejoice. Siya dreams of hearing a crying toddler and Mohini laughing at her and wakes up worried. Ram with Mann and Jhumri sing a song for Siya and inform her that she is becoming a mother. Mann says he will get a sister. Siya also rejoices and hugs Ram.



Mohini disguised as an old woman reaches Mansi’s house and informs Mansi’s mother that Guruji sent her to treat Mansi. Mother takes her to Mansi. She makes her mother unconscious and kidnaps Mansi. In haveli, Siya says Ram that she is worried that Mohini will trouble them again, asks him to call Guruji. Ram calls Guruji. Guruji and Sumri wake up and rush inside the home and see Mansi missing. They inform Ram that Mohini kidnapped Mansi. Siya gets tensed hearing that. Mann hears their conversation standing at a distance.




Guruji reminds Ram that Mann and Mansi shouldn’t meet at any cost. Siya gets Mann’s effigy and says he is ready. She throws it from the balcony down. Mohini playing video games thinks human god takes care of evils so well. She prepares live wire to electrocute Mann and Siya. Siya jumps from the balcony and leaves in the car with Mann’s effigy. Jhumri takes lunch for Siya and doesn’t find her there, she then sees Siya driving her car away and informs Ram. They then search Mann and don’t find him. Man hides in Siya’s car. Mohini thinks her wait is over now. She calls Siya who doesn’t pick the call. She then calls Rana/Ram also doesn’t pick the call.


Curse of the Sands Monday 16th August 2021 Update Zee World: Siya reaches Mohini’s den. Mohini walks to her. Siya thinks when did she Mohini take back her old form. Mohini hugs her and says she was waiting for her for years and will enjoy killing her. Ram with Guruji and Sumri drives the car towards Mohini’s den to save Siya and hopes Mohini doesn’t find that Siya is pregnant. Mohini starts her lengthy dialogue and says she will end Siya today. She pulls out Mann’s effigy and warns her to stop her game.




Siya runs to Mansi. Mansi points a gun at her and warns them not to act over smart, else she will repent. She fixes the time bomb and warns Siya to obey her, else she will burst Mansi. Mann reaches and warns Mohini to dare not to harm his mother and Mansi. Mohini says she is his mother. He says Siya is his mother. Mohini points a gun at Siya and warns Mann to be within his limits. Drama continues…


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