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Curse of the sands on zee world, Friday 16th July 2021

Curse of the sands Friday 16 July 2021 update: Mohini seduces Rana. Rana pushes her away and asks to stop her drama, he wants to discuss about Kali. Mohini asks why Kali is coming between them. Rana says it is important and asks her to kick out ugly Kali from this palace. Mohini says she cannot. Rana walks out fuming that she should kick out ugly Kali as he cannot tolerate her ugly face. Mohini thinks he is so short tempered and she will get him via ret ke raja’s help. Kali/Siya watching them standing near door hides. Siya then walks to Devaki Dayimaa and says Mohini is planning big with Ret Ke Raja and she wants to know what she will do to Rana. Dayimaa desires to hug Ram/Rana once and reminds her first meeting with Siya and Ram and Ram hugging her, etc. Siya promises him to fulfill her wish.

At Raj Jyotishji’s house, Bindu confronts Raj Jyotishji and asks why did he stop Vanraj from taking his lady love’s name, that chudail made Vanraj hate his parents. Raj Jyotishji reminds her of the curse and the time has come for its fulfillment.

Rana nervously thinks he does not know what Mohini will do to Kali. Kali enters wearing helmet. Rana hugs her and thanks god that she is safe. Kali/Siya also gets emotional and then pushing him aside asks why he is worried for her. Their discussion continues. Devaki dayimaa walks in. Rana asks why did she come here. Kali says DK helped her. DK/Dayimaa walks to him and hugs him. He tries to push her, but remembers Dayimaa hugging him and murmurs Dayimaa. Dayimaa gets emotional and asks what did he say. He remembers Dayimaa and Siya and shouts Siya. Mohini hears that and gets up saying sautan. Rana gets severe headache and shouts Dayimaa, Siya… Dayimaa asks Siya to calm him down somehow, else if Mohini hears him, she will create havoc. Mohini walks towards room. Dayimaa hears footsteps and closes room from inside and asks Siya to do something. Siya reminisces Vanraj teaching her how to make someone unconscious by pressing a pressure point at neck. She does same. Rana falls unconscious repeatedly calling Siya. Mohini walks in. Rana/Ram writhes in headache calling Siya. Siya/Kali makes him unconscious by hitting his pressure point on neck. Kali walks into Rana’s room and finds him sleeping on bed. Kali and Devaki Dayimaa hide under bed. Mohini steps on Dayimaa’s hand and says she used so many tricks to lure Rana, but even now he still remembers sautan as he is not inebriated now; alcohol was her weapon to keep Rana under her control, but he still loves sautan. Siya and Devaki silently get out of room.

Bindu pleads Raj jyotishji not to kill their son Vanraj and forget about curse. Raj jyotishji says he has no other go. Bindu says she will kill chudail/Siya because of whom Vanraj has to lose his life. Raj jyotishji says she is not the reason and is a very dignified lady. Jhumri hears their conversation

hiding and shatters hearing about killing Vanraj. She thinks what is the curse that Vanraj has to sacrifice his life, she will find out who the chudail is and will kill her.
Devaki Dayimaa feels sad and tells Siya that she is burden on her and Ram/Rana and does not want to trouble them. Siya says like children are not burden on parents, parents are not burden on children. She walks into Rana’s room and sprinkles water on him. He wakes up and asks why she throw water on him. He says he stopped drinking and has lost his energy and thinking power. He asks her what he should do. She with her long blabbering asks to involve DK in their plan. DK walks in. Rana agrees and says they all 3 are friends now. Kali/Siya happily hugs him. Rana asks her to find sketch girl if she is really her friend. Siya agrees. Rana asks who was the man who attacked him the other day, where does he stay. Siya sees Vanraj there and says Vanraj. Rana asks what. Siya says Vanraj stays in Behramgarh itself. Rana insists to meet Vanraj. Siya says not today and walking out of his room meets Vanraj who insists to walk with him right now and she promises him to meet him at specific place tonight. He hides. Dayimaa tells Siya that Mohini would seek help from Ret Ke Raja for any cruel mission and they need to find about it. Siya says she will spy on Mohini and walks away. Dayimaa thinks Siya has 2 enemies and she should be careful about Vanraj.

Rana walks in living room and finds Kali/Siya unconscious on floor. He wakes her up. She gets up hitting his head. He scolds her and asks what was she doing here. She says she does not know and asks if he is worried for her so much. He says he is worried for his motto and not her. She thinks he is egoistic and does not accept his feelings. He asks what she doing on floor. She says she slipped and feel unc onscious. She walks to Dayimaa who asks if she was spying on Mohini or not. Siya says she fell asleep and does not know if Mohini is in her room or not, maybe she has gone out and may pose trouble on Ram.



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