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A magical love story on star life, Friday 9th July 2021

A magical love Friday 9 July 2021 update: Aman sees Roshni. She recalls Salma and walks to him. She asks for her cheque. He says you will get it after Nikaah. He signs the Qazi. Qazi asks Roshni does she accept the Nikaah, the Meher is decided 50000rs. Roshni recalls her insult. She cries and says I accept. The wind blows. It starts raining. Aman sees Roshni. He gets back and calls Baazigar. He stops the rain and flying leaves by chanting the spell. He freezes the moment. Roshni gets shocked.

Qazi asks Aman does he accept the marriage. He recalls Parveen’s words. The birds get a straw crown for Roshni and make her wear it. Roshni cries. Aman looks on and says I accept. Her tear drops down on the ground. His spell gets over. He takes her to the magical doorway. Aman and Roshni get married. Dadi

asks Parveen to have patience, Aman would be coming. Aman and Roshni come home. Dadi says Ayana has come.
Aman says Ayana has come, you will be fine now. He asks Roshni to hold Parveen’s hand. Dadi asks Roshni to fill sunlight in her hands and take it to Parveen. Roshni asks how, I don’t know what you are expecting, I don’t think I m a special girl. Dadi asks her to trust Lord, she is Ayana, whose heart is of an angel, who can’t see anyone’s pain and sorrow. Roshni worries. She says none should lose his mum, I will try. She tries to absorb sunlight on her palms. She sees the sunlight forming up in her palms. She gets shocked. She takes the sunlight and goes to Parveen. She passes it to Parveen. Parveen gets saved from the evil trap of Jinn. Baazigar comes. Aman freezes the Raakh Jinn trap. He applies his powers. He sees no effect. Roshni and Aman gets away from the attacking evil. Dadi gives Roshni’s hand to Aman. She asks him to try now. Aman tries again and gets rid of the black symbols. He sees Roshni. Parveen opens her eyes and says Aman…. Parveen hugs everyone. They smile.

Roshni recalls Salma. She says my mum should also get fine. Parveen asks what’s this girl doing here. She gets angry. Salma gets conscious. Doctor says you fainted because of exertion, there is no need for tests, your daughter was just scared. Salma says I had a heart attack, my heart got weak, you will get money to say this to my daughter, I can take care of myself, Roshni would have married that mad Nawab and took the blank cheque. Parveen asking how did you get Aman married to that girl. Dadi says that girl saved your life, red moon night is going to come, just that girl can save him. Parveen says that girl is defamed, remember this, she will break this house one day, its her nature. Aman says she is right. Roshni sees her video. She asks how did this happen, buds blossomed because of my touch. Chotu says that’s why Aman married you. Saira says Aman married you as you are Ayana, you have a heart of an angel, you have power. They say you can protect our brother.

Roshni asks will I protect Khan baba. Chotu says I m Khan baba. Roshni says there is something, sunlight came in my hands, mum told me that birds used to protect me in childhood, birds made me wear the crown during Nikaah, you

are very talkative, I have to go to my mum, she isn’t well. They offer help to get her dropped. Aman says I have seen it, she was going to break someone’s house, she can’t stay here. Dadi says she is your wife. Aman says she is nothing, I did this to save mum’s life. Dadi says she is someone’s daughter. Aman says you didn’t see what I have seen, she can’t become anyone’s sister, bahu or wife, after a month, there will be red moon night, then that girl won’t be here. Roshni sees Salma and cries. She thinks to tell her everything. Doctor says she had a major heart attack, we are going to shift her to general ward tomorrow.
Dadi says that girl will get respect as our bahu, there shouldn’t be any drama, Roshni will be kept as per all the rituals. Roshni comes to Aman’s house at night. Lights get on. He sees her and asks from where are you coming. She recalls Salma. He says you can’t do it here. She says you mean I m not respectable and decent. He turns away. She says I m noticing your sarcastic smile, why did you come to my house with your magic show, why did you marry me. He corrects her that its a hawk, not an eagle. She calls him a cheap man. He says decent family men don’t kidnap girls to marry, you learnt some magic tricks and have an eagle, so you think you are Salman Khan, you don’t deserve me, I m going, don’t follow me. He stops her by pulling close He says you can’t even step out of here. He pushes her. He says you can’t talk to me this way. She runs and gets confused seeing the changing door. She recalls Dadi’s words.

She sees her hands. She tries to chant Aman’s magic spell. He asks what are you doing. She says I m believing that I m Ayana. He says you are Ayana, we are unfortunate that you are Ayana, I m unfortunate to marry a dancer, don’t do anything that I hurt you. She says you are hurting me since the day you met me. She says your lie and fake tears don’t affect me, you don’t go out without my wish, don’t go anything that ruins this family’s respect.

Ada cries and burns her marriage memories. She says we almost got married, but I couldn’t get Aman. She hears a voice, you can still get Aman. She gets a note and reads it. She chants the spell. All the burnt things come out of the fire. Raakh Jinn appears. Ada gets shocked. Aman lies on the cough. Raakh Jinn says don’t be scared, I have come to help, what do you want. Ada says Aman. Raakh Jinn says you will get him, you need to pay a price. Ada asks what price, I m ready to do anything to get Aman. Raakh Jinn says then go to Aman and separate Aman and Roshni, get Jinn freed, Jinn will make you Aman’s wife, you have to give your soul to Jinn, I will tell you tomorrow. She goes.

Roshni sits crying and says I have to go to Salma. Baazigar looks on. She says how can anyone behave with a girl like this, my baraat was waiting at the door, he forcibly married me, he always insults me, what shall I do. Baazigar comes to her. She says no one respects me. He flies and gets a chocolate for her. She thanks him and says sorry to call you an eagle, I m missing my mum, I want to go to her, what shall I do. She sees the time. She sees Aman sleeping.


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